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Lost in space?

April 16, 2010

Last night a friend called and told me about a dream she had two weeks ago, a “big” dream as the Jungians say, that has stayed with her in the days since.

Her sharing the dream with me is a great gift, an invitation to dip into the collective unconscious, our collective wisdom, through the portal of her story.

If this were my dream, I’d be flying solo in a spaceship, a “pod,” in the dark and starless void of outer space. I’m heading toward a golden orb, possibly a planet, in the distance. That’s my destination, the guide that marks my path.

Suddenly, that sphere dims, shifts to the right, disappears from sight. Now I’m totally alone, nothing ahead to guide me. What will I do? How will I navigate? What is my destination and how will I get there?

If this were my dream, after my initial — and probably considerable — frenzy, I might cast my eye around this pod I’m flying. Is there a navigation system I’ve overlooked? Has it been hidden under boxes of this and that? Does it need repair? Polishing? Does it need some sort of software update?

I’m betting that the guidance system that enables us to set, and keep, a true course is already installed in the pod — the body —we’re flying. I invite you to access your own pod’s navigation system by rediscovering, awakening, and celebrating your body’s sacred center.

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