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The Real Girl Belly Project!

December 8, 2011

I’m thrilled! Emily over at xojane has launched the fabulous Real Girl Belly Project. More than a hundred women have responded to her call for un-retouched photos of their bellies, sending along appreciative comments about their bellies to boot. The Huffington Post has helped spread the news.

The pics are displayed in two installments: Gallery 1 and Gallery 2. The discussion starts, of course, with external appearance. I hope it gets to the key questions:

  • How do we cultivate the power to promote creation that’s concentrated within our bellies?
  • How do we direct this body-centered power to healing ourselves, our communities, our world?

I’m hearing strains of Taj Mahal’s rendition of Willie Dixon’s song “Built for Comfort,” with lyrics (also found on page 175 of The Woman’s Belly Book) adjusted appropriately:

Don’t try to make my belly thin!
Don’t try to make my belly flat!
You better believe my belly’s beautiful,
Don’t you ever call me fat.
Because I’m built for creation,
I ain’t built for speed.
You know my belly’s got
This woman needs.

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