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The Real Body/Real Belly Project

December 21, 2011

Photo credit: Pinterest

The stars seem to be aligning for belly-love! Earlier this month I discovered the Real Girl Belly Project over at xojane. A comment there led me to Hannah Siegle and her post on the cultural epidemic of belly-fear.

Her follow-up includes the sentence

The belly is the powerhouse of our soul.


Now Hannah is launching the Real Body Project, with a first focus on the body’s center. You bet I’m on board to support this venture however I can.

Here’s the vision: a gallery of photos showing real bellies. But not just bellies. There’s a bonus.

Hannah wants photos of hands resting on bare bellies, fingers forming the outline of a heart. “Average, skinny, plus sized, man or woman, please join me in this endeavor,” she writes.

I ask:

  • Will this project help us accept how our bellies look on the outside?
  • Will it help us discover and develop the amazing force for vitality, intuition, and confidence dwelling within our body’s center?

I say: Let’s join forces and find out!

When your hands outline a heart upon your belly, the fingers resting below your belly button mark what the Chinese call the tan tien. This point in the body’s interior, just in front of your spine, is The Gate of the Mysterious Female.

This point, this belly center, gives you access to the enormous pro-creative power—the power to promote creation—concentrated within your belly. (More on this, of course, in The Woman’s Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure.)

If you’re ready to be part of this real body/real belly project, send Hannah your heart-on-belly photo. If you wish, send along your story, too—some words about your relationship with your belly. Email the goods to hannah.siegle(at)

Now where’s my camera?

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