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A Luscious Life

January 2, 2012

I’ve recently reconnected with Lisa Bourdon. Lisa and I met nearly five years ago when I led a workshop called Satisfying Hunger: The Secret Your Body Wants to Tell You. At that time she was designing her own workshops for women … involving chocolate.

Lisa’s now a certified life coach/intuitive eating counselor working with women who struggle with their relationship to food. The healing that begins with food and nourishment often, and in time, leads to resolving body image issues as well.

What’s unique: Lisa comes to coaching after two decades in fashion advertising, styling photo shoots to show off gorgeous models in spectacular locations.

So: Lisa B has the inside scoop. Having been a tip-top creative director, she knows exactly what we’re looking at when we look at an ad and find ourselves wanting.

In a recent conversation, Lisa chuckled at the idea that the media might be taking away our power. On the contrary, she sees women giving our power away every time we compare ourselves to an image and judge ourselves unfavorably. As we return our focus to ourselves — what we truly desire, what truly gives us pleasure — we become more and more self-validating. Then media images become irrelevant: “white noise.”

Directing anger toward fashion advertising, the demon “out there,” is certainly one place to start, she says. Ultimately, though, we need to harness that energy to reclaim the truth, strength, and wholeness already within us and create a luscious life.

Here’s to luscious!

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