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Revenge of the Transvaginal Probe

September 15, 2014

starburst-150-195I don’t mean to be vindictive. And you know what? I don’t have to be. Karma seems to be doing just fine.

After all, what happens when you advocate the state-sanctioned rape of potentially every woman of child-bearing age in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia?

You’re offending quite a few women and our wombs. As maven of The Woman’s Belly Book, I need to look into this.

Here’s the thing: Former governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell has been convicted on eleven counts of public corruption. A jury of seven men and five women found him guilty of exchanging political favors for personal gain.

McDonnell is guilty of what? Taking loans and lavish gifts from the founder of Star Scientific, in exchange for helping the guy peddle his company’s diet pills.

Yes, diet pills. Falsely marketed, non-FDA-approved diet pills. Another offense against women and our precious bodies, our tender bellies.

During the trial, a tawdry picture of the McDonnell family’s mischief emerged. Mischief that in no way matches the Christian family values that McDonnell has been so fond of trumpeting.

On January 6, 2015 McDonnell goes to federal court for sentencing. The maximum prison term for each of the eleven charges is 20 years.

That’s the upshot of the U.S. District Attorney’s probe into McDonnell’s behavior as governor. But there’s another probe winding through this story.

mcdc7_vaginal_ultrasoundThe transvaginal probe.

While he was governor, McDonnell championed a bill that would have required transvaginal probes into women seeking abortions.

McDonnell was all for imposing state-sanctioned medicalized rape … until his advisors pointed out some of the legal implications.

The legislature ended up changing the required ultrasound from internal transvaginal to external abdominal. Commenting on the change, McDonnell seemed to both endorse and regret it:

[W]hat I recommended to the General Assembly, and they adopted the other day, is let’s make the requirement for the abdominal ultrasound…. I also got legal advice from various people, including my Attorney General, that these kinds of mandatory invasive requirements might run afoul of Fourth Amendment law. …But I was certainly supportive of that concept.

The purpose of requiring these ultrasounds, proponents say, is to assure women are giving their informed consent to ending a pregnancy. Yet research reliably documents that seeing an ultrasound does not alter a woman’s choice for an abortion. Imposing the ultrasound only increases the price of the procedure.

Before becoming governor, McDonnell was Virginia’s Attorney General. How could an Attorney General be so vague about the Fourth Amendment, the Constitutional protection we citizens enjoy against government’s unreasonable search and seizure? Why did he need advising that these “mandatory invasive requirements” would be illegal?

My body is not your political playgroundAfter all, he’s a lawyer.

Really? Yes. He earned his law degree — listen to this — at Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network University, rebranded in 1989 as Regent University.

The blatant irony within this series of events, this scandal, this hypocrisy is in no way satisfying. It’s heart-breaking, gut-wrenching.

Bob McDonnell is not the only politician who has been pushing the transvaginal probe. Across the nation, some politicos are so greedy for power that they’ll flatter their ambitions by poking up into women’s vaginas uninvited.

tvpCorruption, indeed.

All I can say is: Watch out. That probe may wreak a revenge of its own.

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