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Womb Wisdom

March 25, 2015

womb_wisdomHow do you access your body’s core creativity?

How do you tap into your center’s ancient wisdom?

How do you nourish the roots of the feminine?

Twelve women share exquisite responses to these questions in a free telesummit hosted by Barbara Hanneloré, author of The Moon and You: A Woman’s Guide to an Easier Monthly Cycle.

You can read about each presenter and their expertise at

I’m honored to be taking part in this event. My conversation with Barbara, available on April 22, focuses on connecting with the Sacred Feminine.

What’s more: When you register for the telesummit at, you’re on your way to receiving gifts from each of the twelve presenters.

I’m offering two gifts: both a $5 discount on the Honoring Your Belly instructional DVD and a 20% discount on the full-color illustrated paperback, Rite for Invoking the Sacred Feminine.


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